Can I use coupon tickets with “Heart Link”?

The coupon ticket is a 5,000 yen ticket.
We prepare 4 tickets for 4 times (total 18,000 yen) and 12 times (total 50,000 yen).
It can also be used for “Qigong linking pet and qigong with people = heart link”.
In the case of “Heart Link”, the total is 7,000 yen, so please add 5,000 yen tickets and 2,000 yen for cash.

What kind of symptoms is effective in qigong?

Those suffering from depression, panic disorder, sudden deafness, autonomic imbalance, etc., who are suffering from “qigong” in Western medicine as one of the diseases improvement, those who are suffering from physical and mental relaxation, health maintenance, It is varied to those who aim for physical fitness.

What kind of clothes should I go with Qigong?

You are in good shape to move.
Basically I sit down on a chair, but depending on some people, I will self-activate on my way (self will move on my own) or sometimes get sitting on the floor, so the women are better at pants It might be good.

How do I feel during treatment?

Instead of touching your body directly, I will send you the cosmic power that fused qigong’s “Qi”, the receiver’s “Qi”, and the place (place) “Qi”.
By doing so, the evil in your body is drained out of the body and a good mood goes around your body.

How often should I attend?

Everyone is different.
Some people who have a disease came twice a week at a pace, but it varies every week, every other week, once a month.
As you go through several times, you seem to feel like “I want to go soon.”
For example, I think that the image that the car refuels at the gas station is good (petrol of gas).
However, please do not leave much space until the first 5th time.
Also, it may take a while for symptoms that are long suffering.

How long is the treatment time per one?

At first, we will explain simple Qigong explanations and hearings.
It is about one hour in conjunction with subsequent treatment.

Should I go only when my health is bad?

There are many people who come as “refreshment place”.
“Qigong” not only enhances natural healing power but also brings a strange sensation that is invisible.
For that reason, there are many people who are coming to make “motivation” in work or private.

Can I choose a male qigong master or a female Qigong teacher?

It is important that you are relaxed from the beginning and accept “Qi”.
Since Fukada health qigoin is performing with a couple, basically male qigong practitioner and female is a female qigong practitioner.
Please tell us your request at the time of booking.