Each person has different reason to take up Qi-gong therapy. Some want to maintain good health or simply because the person likes the feel of Qi.

It can also be used together with any medical treatments. 
Each person has different effect too. People who visited us often said that they felt relaxed, happy, or energetic during the session. Some even felt as light as a feather.
You may not feel Qi from the start. It depends on your condition, your belief, or the compatibility with the therapists.

However, the key is to be open minded and just relax during the session.




Director Jun Fukada
Born in 1964.
I used to suffer from back pain before I learnt about the existence of Qi.
Qi-gong helped to reduce my back pain and this experience lead me to explore Qi-gong further.
Deputy director Hiromi Fukada
Born in 1963. A mother of two.
My aim is to provide wonderful experiences of Qi-gong to many people as possible.