What is “Qigong”?

That was the reason why I asked such a question to the resident profession.

The life work of the resident is “Qigong”.

Our life work has changed to “Qigong” so that we can be drawn and attracted by invisible “Qi”.

I want the ability to bring out intuition, inspiration, and sensitivity.

How good would it be if you could take a step of courage, turn on a light on the way to the road, or protect your family …

I will recommend it to parents who have forgetful things.

Give the students who are taking the exams Qigong to improve their concentration.

Tell your important friends around us.

Our Qigong that started from that thought has changed greatly.

In the year of the 15th anniversary of last year, we were able to hold Qigong Experience Meetings in New York twice across the sea.

I would like to share our Qigong with you who have not yet met.

Please come and experience our Qigong while being excited.